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Global literacy challenges reminiscent of the Suez blockage

Poor reading skills impacts all aspects of learning. We will not reach tangible equity in education if we do not empower our children, students and workforce to read and understand better.

Finding the way through the waves


Overcome the loss in learning due to COVID-19 A wise man once told the story of how he went on a joy ride with a boat off the

from failure to success

South Africa’s education system has been labelled a catastrophic failure and identified as one of the major drives of inequality in the country by former president FW de Klerk. 

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

Gr 12: let's ensure they succeed

As the matric class of this year settle into their final year of school, it is our priority as educators and parents to ensure that they are prepared for a radically changing world.

Join the movement

Driving change, Lectorsa is part of a team taking on the global reading crisis with the launch of their #yesican Literacy Campaign. 

Ons kan ons kinders help om beter te presteer

“Wanneer ‘n kind sou kon leer om te lees, en nie geleer word nie, doen die kind groot skade op, en so ook die kind se gemeenskap,” aldusregter Stephen Murphy.

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

Ouers as vennote in Leesgereedmaking

Die rol van die ouers as primêre opvoeder kan nie genoeg beklemtoon word nie.  Binne die nie-formele onderrigsituasie van die kind se ouerhuis bestaan daar verskeie geleenthede om leesvaardigheid verder te ontwikkel.

Parents as partners in reading preparation

It is imperative to stress the role of the parents as primary educators. Various opportunities for further reading skills exist within the informal education situation of the child’s home. 

Reading enables growth

Education is synonym with development, growth and transformation. It unlocks our true potential and helps us to become teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, leaders and more. And at the core of it all is reading. Being able to read well enough to advance in school

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

Author : Minda Marshall

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