To be successful in life, you must be visually intelligent. Visual intelligence is the ability to interpret, understand, link and process visual information. Eyebraingym will help you to see more, read faster, remember better and think clearer. Reading with good comprehension is vital in the development of visual intelligence. Good readers tend to be lifelong learners. They are continuously “upskilling”. This becomes a lifestyle. Your journey to success starts today. Keep moving forward; stay ahead of the pack. Think smarter, think success.

Reading is the foundation of visual intelligence.
Let us help you Prepare for the future you want to build.

The EBG system evaluates your skill levels and automatically selects games and exercises specifically created for your individual profile. It compiles a tailor-made Game Plan with 15 scheduled sessions to train visual skills, improve visual processing, language and reading with comprehension. Each session has a battery of games to boost agility. Our games will help you stimulate cognitive processing and brain plasticity and help your brain’s neural networks grow stronger and more efficient.

Tailored for your individual needs and schedule, let’s face it... you are unique!

EBG will help you improve your problem-solving skills and improve your ability to reason and plan. The battery of games will strengthen your executive functions and increase your mental acuity and vitality. It also kick-starts neural regeneration and re-connection and will promote life-long learning and cognitive energy. Exercises in the system help the brain successfully connect background knowledge to current or new information. Training takes place when and where you prefer, whether it is at the comfort of your home, the office, school, or holiday whatever suits your needs.

Success is a journey, the first step in the right direction starts with a choice.

Activate your intelligence. EBG games are arranged in a particular sequence and intervals with researched weights and time-slots to achieve targeted outcomes. The aim is to develop a coherent mind to achieve improved interaction with visual information through enhanced visual and cognitive abilities. The training sessions are designed with an improved lifestyle focal point.

We love to celebrate collective intelligence

Connect and create a future world of possibilities. We are passionate about people and the potential they carry to succeed. Collective intelligence emerges when individual contributions are combined to become more than the sum of their parts for purposes ranging from learning and innovation to decision-making and implementation. A bright future can be unlocked on the basis of how smart/intelligent we are together. eyebraingym – “Building and training a better future for all”.

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