Eyebraingym will help you perform a complete visual processing, reading and cognitive assessment to measure your processing speed. Based on your results, we will provide you with a targeted set of personalised visual processing and cognitive exercises to improve your visual intelligence.

Eyebraingym is a cognitive development solution developed by M3line for Lectorsa to improve the way you interact with information. It enhances the measurable aspects of the interaction between the eyes and the brain. By exercising the eyes and training the brain, we can increase the activity in the brain, which plays a central role in mental well-being and the ability to perform at the workplace. It is based on more than 30 years of research and development. EYEBRAINGYM incorporates a virtual reading lab and eye-brain gym. The combined effect of these elements is achieved through developing your:

  • Cognitive and analytical abilities
  • Visual skills
  • Perceptual skills
  • Memory and attention
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary and language
  • Reading with comprehension
  • Creative thinking
  • Learning strategies and study skills

M3line is one of the leading research and development companies in this field and has an international footprint. M3line developed Lab-on-line with Lectorsa and launched Eyebraingym in 2020. M3line has more than 140 000 successful users. M3line continues to modulate its solutions by keeping it on par with cutting-edge technologies and refining the algorithms with up-to-date analysis of available data.

Increasing eye-brain performance produces healthier, stronger minds. EYEBRAINGYM increases neuro-plasticity. Neuroplasticity is described as the brain’s ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Connections within the brain are constantly becoming stronger or weaker, depending on what is being used. This is the “muscle-building” part of the brain, the physical basis why repetition strengthens the power of choices and actions. Over time it becomes automatic – a part of who we are. EYEBRAINGYM harnesses these truths in a way that structures the eyes, muscles, neurons and mind in accurate patterns to interact more efficiently with information.

eyebraingym is an online solution that can be used in most environments. No installation is required, and 99% uptime is guaranteed. EYEBRAINGYM operates on smart devices such as PC, tablets, laptops and smartphones. It has been optimised for Google Chrome. The course is structured as 15 sessions per level at various levels of competence.

  • EYEBRAINGYM is focused on enhancing three factors, namely the visual processing factor (VPF)cognitive development factor (CDF) and the Action-Interpret-Understand Factor (AIUF). Each of these factors incorporates measurable sub-elements. VPF is measured as words per minutes (wpm) read. CDF is calculated as % comprehension against the complexity of content. The combined VPF and CDF multiplied leads to an AIU factor (action-interpret-understand). It is important to note that there are international norms for each of these measurable factors.
  • In terms of the AIU factor, EYEBRAINGYM enhances the individual process of:
  • Taking Action by improving visual processing of information and data.
  • Interpreting and analysing the information and data.
  • Understand the meaning of the work context leading to improved decision-making and work outcomes.

The AIU (action-interpret-understand) factor is key to cognitive development, improved visual intelligence, and enhanced work performance.

Eyebraingym will evaluate you as you continue with the course during each exercise completed. You can print a report after completion of every session and view your training insight report on your dashboard. A Certificate of Completion can also be downloaded after Lesson 15 is completed.

It is important to remember the following to assist you in optimising this cutting edge visual intelligence, reading and comprehension solution:

  1. Register with your birthdate. The placement will ensure you can cope with the visual skills, language and reading with comprehension development level.
  1. The placement should be completed when you are well-rested. Watch the video in the iHelp option on your screen before you complete the placement. Follow the instructions on the screen. This is not a test – relax and enjoy the process. When completing the reading placement: read the passage as you would typically read. Read it once and press the proceed button (orange triangle) as soon as you have finished reading. Now answer a few questions. This will assist us in finding the best place for you to start to improve your skills.
  1. Complete a maximum of three and a minimum of one lesson per week. Complete the full course within 20 weeks to achieve maximum impact. Concentrate when you do the exercises. Remove things that can hinder you from concentrating on the activities you are doing.
  1. Challenge yourself and have fun while doing the course. Remember, every moment you spend on the program will multiply your skills and give you more TIME at the end of the course. Most users double their reading speed during the course. This gives you half the time you now use for reading to accomplish the same task.

On completion of the course, the Post-Completion Tool (PCT) will provide:

  • An individualised report on completion.
  • Identification of further individual and team needs. This is a consultative process aimed at identifying company, group, and team needs forthcoming from the programme’s outcomes. This is also the ideal opportunity to identify other participants for future enrolment.
  • A completion certificate.

The development of this online system is based on over 40 years of research and practical implementation. It has been developed to improve the cognitive development and learning ability of users to International Standards. We all have to learn and acquire new skills every day. Life is all about learning and improving.

You can do as many courses as you prefer. Even the best readers can still improve their skills. Remember, a good reader can adjust his reading speed and techniques to the task at hand. Usually, one course a year or at least every second year is enough to improve your skills to not only cope but flourish with the demands of modern-day academic pursuits.

To use the Eyebraingym solution, you have to register. Private users register as private individuals. A subscription equals a course of 15 sessions. Each session includes various gauged exercises. Private users first have to buy their dashboard and course online. You will receive an online Invoice with all the information needed or be taken to our payment gateway. Your course will be unlocked the moment we receive payment. You can then proceed with your course by doing the placement module. If you are part of a school or project, you will receive a profile number from your organisation. Use your unique username and password to log in and start your course.

EYEBRAINGYM is registered as a Short course with the University Stellenbosch on NQF Level 6.

When logging on the first time, you will be guided through an online assessment. Once the evaluation has been done, the system will either retain you on the level you have been registered for or take you to a different level. Your progress will be monitored by a specialist educator.

No, it is not a once-off intervention. Multiple levels target pivotal skills development and build on previous visual, reading, cognitive development and comprehension skills. Participation in further levels forms part of needs assessment for the individual or corporate groups.

The development of this online system is based on over 40 years of research and practical implementation. It has been developed to improve the cognitive development and learning ability of users to International Standards. We all have to learn and acquire new skills every day. Life is all about learning and improving.

The Management, Analysis and Reporting Tool (MART) is used to:

  • Monitor student progress
  • Monitor lesson progress
  • View target areas that need more support. These areas are:
    • Visual skills (perceptual development, visual efficiency and accuracy, and memory)
  • Sight vocabulary
  • Comprehension development with higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) and lower-order thinking skills (LOTS) report.

As a diagnostic tool, MART:

  • Monitor group progress and assess areas that are underdeveloped to adjust curriculum content for groups
  • Assess individual development diagnostically through in-depth results
  • Monitor implementation plan (Game plan).
  • All profiles are monitored by Lectorsa to assist all users, schools and corporate groups and ensure accurate implementation.

MART is a group management dashboard that provides Lectorsa with real-time access to the various groups registered for Eyebraingym.

Organisations are comprised of people. They are the most valuable assets of the organisation, and huge sums are spent on people development. This is often done at the technical and functional skill level to the detriment of equally important generic skills like visual intelligence and cognitive development skills. An improvement in cognitive development abilities at the individual and team level will permeate throughout the organisation leading to smarter students, better outcomes and teams that can deliver smarter solutions.

In the last decade, there has been an explosion in the amount of information and data that learners, students, and employees at all levels of school, training, business, and the public sector face daily. People are expected to deal with larger and more complex information sets and is expected to absorb them quickly, analyse them more effectively, comprehend the issues and act on the information and data to ensure high-impact outcomes. This is evident at all levels of education and business as well as in public sector operations. From this perspective, there is a growing gap between information and application (executing and delivering better and smarter outcomes based on available information and data). This can be referred to as the “information- application gap”.

All information and data are visual; hence improving the link between visual interaction (reading) and interpretation, comprehension, and application is important. The need is for visual intelligence solutions for the individuals in schools, training environments and the corporate world.

The competitive worlds we live, learn and work in is linked to global economic conditions, is amplifying the “information – application gap”. The number of factors and elements that students, educators, trainees, businesses and employees are dealing with every day has multiplied exponentially.

Cost-saving and value engineering approaches provide impetus to processes aimed at increasing competitive advantage. This is not easy to accomplish, particularly in value chains that are already quite optimised. In addition to this, businesses need to ensure that employees’ learning from training and development programmes is translated into effective application outcomes. Many are struggling to achieve the desired results.

Eyebraingym caters to users from Grade R to Adults.  All our stories are developed to have low vocabulary and high interest level, so you will enjoy reading even a few levels lower! All materials are measured for readability, scaffolded and are adjusted to help improve visual intelligence and reading skills as effectively as possible

Worksheets can be downloaded from the Student Library. The materials are aligned to the specific lessons. They are used to reinforce certain key elements and facilitate vocabulary development, reading skills, and comprehension strategies. It targets the following areas for action:

  • Visual skills
  • Language skills
  • Comprehension development
  • Study skills
  • Life skills.

Mind activation and meta-cognition sheets are available to corporate groups and individual users. These sheets provide additional development while harnessing the brain’s neuro-plasticity to develop new pathways through training in cognitive skills and strategies.

The Strategic Dialogue Assessment Tool (SDAT) is used in assessing the needs of participating corporate groups or teams. It does not form part of the actual EYEBRAINGYM solution but is used by Lectorsa as a consultative tool. The elements of this tool consist of the following steps:

  • Analysis of company needs in the form of a gap analysis. This is firstly done at the enterprise level and then at the group/team level as needed.
  • Identification of teams and participants. It may be prudent to start with high-impact areas of the business. Procurement and supply chain management (SCM) would be the primary target areas.

Once the individual participants have been identified, participants attend an online briefing. They are registered on Eyebraingym, and each participant completes the placement module. This will determine the level at which the participant will complete their training. Lectorsa will support the assessment process.

After completion of the assessment, each participant continues with their 15 sessions as scheduled per their Gameplan.

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