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What is eyebraingym?
EBG TM will help you perform a complete visual processing, reading and cognitive assessment in which we measure your processing speed, and based on your results we will provide you with a targeted set of personalised visual processing and cognitive exercises to improve your visual intelligence.

Watch the video below to see what
eyebraingym can do for you or your child.

What does eyebraingym consist of?

eyebraingym is made up of 4 core programs namely;
Eyegym, Vocabgym, Readgym and Trackme.

All these components work together to focus on certain aspects of the brain to improve your visual intelligence.

Please Note
These modules can be purchased individually to compliment a activated eyebraingym course

Eyegym - Discover more

EyeGym is focussed on training your perceptual and visual accuracy, visual efficiency and visual memory. With EyeGym, you will be able to exercise your eyes and improve the way you work with visual information. You will have access to levelled brain training exercises that use brain plasticity as a basis.

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Vocabgym - Discover more

VocabGym is developed with a detailed sequence of exercises built to develop Key-word memory. The ability to remember visual details in the correct sequence is essential for spelling and reading, where you need to remember the sequence of letters in order to spell and read the word correctly.

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Readgym - Discover more

Reading is a complex, integrated action. Each of the physical components that are a part of the learners’ interaction with the reading task is so integrated that it is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between them. It is necessary to understand visual perception and eye movement in order to understand the reading process. Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and sharing information and ideas.

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Trackme - Discover more

TrackMe enables you to gauge your specific outcomes against the established norms and standards for visual skills, language, reading and comprehension. TrackMe is the starting point of your ‘GPS’ in EyeBrainGym TM. When you know where you are, we can chart a course to where you want to go. There are three different games working together to place you. Each game plays a vital role in gauging your current skill levels.

How does eyebraingym work?

EyeBrainGym TM

What does it do:

This is the complete all-in-one package that trains visual intelligence

Visual intelligence is the ability to process, understand and express visual information.

The basis of visual intelligence is reading with adequate comprehension.

Within 8 – 10 weeks (15 sessions), you will be able to see more, read faster and remember better.


The start

eyebraingym includes the Placeme.

Placeme helps you to find out what your current skill levels are and ensure you will start at the right place with your training.

The next step

eyebraingym will give you just the right exercises and fun games to improve the skills you need and develop the strategies you should have.

Different activities and games will stimulate visual and cognitive skills and abilities in both children and adults.

eyebraingym will assess each result and automatically present games and activities for your individualized training sessions.

The result

The battery of games will strengthen your brain functions, as it increases mental acuity and vitality.

eyebraingym can help you to develop a mind that is more capable when working with visual information.

It kick-starts neural regeneration and reconnection and promotes life-long learning and cognitive energy.

Your exercises are available on-line with your log-in and are accessible through your devices.

The game plan helps you to stay on track and do your sessions as scheduled.

After each activity and session, you will receive an infographic report mapping out your progress.

At the end of the 15 sessions, you will have a certificate that shows the improvement you have achieved.

The average user improvement

– 6 years of relative skills improvement

– More than double your reading speed

– Improved cognitive ability

Change your future,
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