Triumph of Educational Champions: Eyebraingym's Platinum Awards Celebrate Visionary Partners Transforming Student Success

The atmosphere at Maslow Times Square was nothing short of electrifying on the evening of January 19th, as Eyebraingym award winners took centre stage at the Platinum Awards event. Hosted by Lectorsa,  a South African company, this prestigious gathering not only celebrated Eyebraingym’s groundbreaking contributions to reading and learning development but also recognized the outstanding achievements of educational partners who have played a pivotal role in shaping the learning landscape in their communities.

Eyebraingym, a solution of M3line, a research and development company specializing in visual processing, has been making waves in the education landscape. Eyebraingym harnesses this immense potential in each individual to create and improve neural pathways, significantly boosting information processing capabilities for each user.

The Platinum Awards event also showcased Eyebraingym’s commitment to empowering students by helping them see more, read faster, remember better, and think clearer. This revolutionary solution, accessible through mobile and web-based apps, has garnered accolades from individuals, schools, colleges, universities, and learning centres.

The Platinum Awards ceremony recognized the outstanding efforts of different partners. Among the deserving winners were institutions that demonstrated exceptional dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment. These partners, through their collaboration with Eyebraingym, have played a vital role in moving students from failure to success. The awards not only acknowledged their achievements but also highlighted the collective impact of Eyebraingym’s vision and the unwavering support of its partners.

As we reflect on the Platinum Awards event held at the Maslow Times Square, it is clear that Eyebraingym’s influence extends beyond individual accomplishments. It is a collaborative effort that involves passionate partners committed to reshaping the educational landscape and propelling students toward a brighter future. We want to give a special congratulations to our 3 Platinum award winners: School: The King’s School Robin Hills, Projects: Click Learning, Solutions Hubs: Lees Leer Leef.

Samantha Oberholzer, Academic Development Head at The Kings School Robin Hills, said: ”We implement eyebraingym for our gr. 4 and gr. 8 learners. We feel that grade 4 is an important year because they come from the foundation phase, where they still learn to read, and now they need to read to learn. We found that ebg really helps to develop their skills and gives them a solid foundation.  In gr. 8, we have a lot of new learners come into our school,  and we find it helpful to see where they are at; one of the things that we love about eyebraingym is that the placement test assures that every single learner starts at a place appropriate for them and that allows for differentiation which is something we strive to do across our school.”

Daleen Janse Van Rensburg_Reading, therapist and owner of LeesLeerLeef Solutions Hub, said: “ As a solutions hub, we bring solutions to our communities. I want to share two testimonies. We had a learner in gr. 12 whose parents never thought he’d be able to go to study, and at the end of the year,  he received an award for the student with the best academic improvement in his school. eyebraingym helped to give him the confidence and belief that he could thrive.  Then we have another young boy who has been to an occupational therapist, has been on Ritalin, has lost all his confidence and absolutely hated school. Recently, his mom sent us a picture of him in the principal’s office, where he received 100% on a test for the 1st time in his life, and he now loves going to school. Thank you ebg, Lectorsa, and the team for this amazing solution that changes lives.”

Sadie Youth Development Manager at Click Learning, commented the following: “ Out of the 333 students who completed their eyebraingym course,  there was a relative improvement of 8 years that we saw in our outcome report. Our students love eyebraingym; they find it very engaging and interactive. We offer numerous courses at Click Learning that the students can choose from, and from all the courses, eyebraingym is their favourite.”

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