Join the movement

Join the movement

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts


Driving change, Lectorsa is part of a team taking on the global reading crisis with the launch of their #yesican Literacy Campaign. “Low literacy levels not only cause low education outcomes, but also contribute to inequality, poor health, workplace accidents, crime and unnecessary expenses in welfare – if we want to build a better future this is where we have to start,” said Lectorsa Director, Minda Marshall.

We need to ensure that every child is taught the important skill of not only learning to read, but also reading to learn. In the 21st –century learners need to be able to think faster, remember more, reason clearer and innovate better in order to secure their future. It is therefore very important to realise that failing to learn to read is detrimental to the cognition necessary to function effectively in modern society.

Lectorsa has taken action and by joining forces with schools they are not only improving literacy skills, but also educational outcomes across South Africa. We are excited that our users are turning potential into capacity by implementing their progressive solution, LAB-on-line (beta system of eyebraingym), in their schools.

Determined to turn the educational tide, Lectorsa is offering an impressive 90% subsidy to qualifying schools enabling them to implement this cutting-edge solution to improve visual, reading and comprehension skills and ignite their learners’ true potential.  How do they do this? “We use actions within the brain to produce healthier and stronger minds,” Minda pointed out. She added: “If we continue to do things in the same way, we will not achieve different results, we need to find better solutions.”

Minda invites schools, parents, teachers… South Africa to join them as a partner in shaping a better future by creating a reading revolution. “Together, we can be the difference!”

If you want to join this initiative or need more information on their #yesican Literacy campaign contact their office at 082 820 3745 or send an email to

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