Reading enables growth

Reading enables growth

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts


Education is synonym with development, growth and transformation. It unlocks our true potential and helps us to become teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, leaders and more. And at the core of it all is reading. Being able to read well enough to advance in school, studies, and even in your profession plays a fundamental role in securing future success! This is the message I, as a mother and a solutionist, want to spread far and wide.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s words during his State of the Nation Address in June were a telling wake-up call: “If we are to ensure that, within the next decade, every 10-year-old will be able to read for meaning, we need to mobilise the entire nation behind a massive reading campaign.”

 “Early reading is the basic foundation that determines a child’s educational progress through school, higher education and in the workplace,” he added. We agree, early reading is very important, but our task is even bigger than early reading. Reading does not improve automatically. It can and should be trained and developed in every phase of educational development, and even into adulthood, where life-long learning is the reality we face with Industry 4.0. Because we realised our young people should be equipped with the right skill-sets to thrive in an ever-changing world, Lectorsa has been developing efficient strategies to improve and develop reading and comprehension for more than 30 years.  We realised that to build a better future for all, and we need to invest in our greatest commodity: people. Now is the key to a greater future! And we see this future unlocked with LAB-on-line (beta version of eyebraingym)!

Each one of us has been born with a set of skills that can achieve great things if developed and applied correctly.  Too many of South Africa’s youth are not realising their full potential, and therefore, they are not fulfilling their purpose. What would have happened if some of the world’s greatest inventors such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk never developed their unique skill-sets?  Their inventions did not only benefit themselves, but it also benefitted and still benefits all of us.

South Africa, we have a responsibility to ensure that each child has the opportunity to activate their potential, to grow and to become all they can be. If we truly want to move from good to great, this is where we have to start: we need to implement proven solutions so that the young people not only have access to quality education but are also enabled to take advantage of that education for a better future.

We can do this! I have seen learners and students who struggled because of poorly developed skillsets start to thrive within a year because they received the intervention and development they needed to reach their potential. Join us in shaping a better future by equipping and developing each learner and student through improved visual processing, reading and cognitive skills. #YesICan #Lectorsa #ReadingRevolution.

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