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The online solution that will develop your ability to work with information: see more, read faster, and remember better.

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What does it do: Words are the keys to unlock language and knowledge. We need to know more words to be able to understand information better. A more extensive vocabulary has a direct influence on visual intelligence levels. The purpose of Vocabgym is to develop better key-word memory.

The process: Vocabgym will take you through a detailed sequence of exercises to develop the ability to remember visual details in the right sequence. These skills are essential for spelling and reading, where you need to remember the sequence of letters to spell and read and understand the words correctly. Based on your scores achieved, the solution will compile personalised exercises to help you improve word processing and improve sight-word memory. 

Best implementation practises between 20 – 45 minutes twice weekly for 8 – 10 weeks.

The result: We train ocular-motor skills, stimulate the neurons through exercises and train cognitive processes to achieve improved vocabulary knowledge and comprehension with Vocabgym.


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