Subscription Status Level

The structuring of the subscription level in EyeBrainGym.

We will give you an overview of what is the idea behind this, the different levels, the financial implications, and what can be done to ensure your institution attains to the highest levels.

The idea

With a majority of schools receiving subsidy from various companies, it is crucial for us to ensure the investment is being used well, and that it gives a good return on investment.

That said, EyeBrainGym has been designed to give project feedback. The partnership value and quality will be determined by several factors, to name a few:

–       Commitment rating

–       Communication

–       Completion rates

We are confident that the results will be seen across the academic/productivity averages when our solution is implemented according to the “best practice” standards. We have based this implementation strategy on well-established neuroscience research and the physics of muscle memory. M3line also used the research data of over 100 000 profiles. The results of this research have been embedded in our cutting-edge technology to assist and advance people across the globe. M3line is the primary education subsidy funder.

The method:

–       Two training sessions in a week

–       On non-consecutive days

–       Done in a time of the day that the mind and eyes are alert

–       Completing the training with the mindset of “growth” and not to be “perfect” (training)

The levels

Please note: There are categories established for the subsidies made available.

When you sign up, and your subsidy application has been approved, the R&D company will give you access on the highest possible subsidy level in your category. The opportunity to stay on this level depends on the various factors impacting on successful implementation. Subsidies are also determined by the amount of subscriptions purchased by the institution.

Schools can get up to 90% funding

Tertiary institutions can get up to 70% funding

Projects can get up to 70% funding

Level 1: up to 90% of the license cost is funded.

Level 2: up to 80% of the license cost is funded.

Level 3: up to 70% of the license cost is funded.

Level 4: up to 60% of the license cost is funded.

Level 5: up to 50% of the license cost is funded.

Level 6: up to 40% of the license cost is funded.

Level 7: up to 30% of the license cost is funded.

Level 8: up to 20% of the license cost is funded.

Level 9: up to 10% of the license cost is funded.

Level10: 0% of the license cost is funded.

Financial implications

The system will determine your subsidy status level based on the implementation of the previous year. This is an automatic process. One of our solutions advisors will contact you within the year should your subsidy status be at risk. The subscriptions cost will gradually increase when implementation styles and methods are not adjusted. This should ensure that maximum impact and efficient skills transfer takes place within the project.

My subscription status has gone down… what should I do to get it back up?

Ok, if you find yourself in this predicament, don’t worry! We can take the following steps to help you reclaim that stellar status and get the maximum subsidy support you can get.

Step 1: Recognize that the responsibility of reclaiming your status lies with you and/or your institution.

Step 2: Send our office an email and notify the team you have noticed there are changes you will need to make.

Step 3: Identify the area that needs attention and support (Commitment rating, Completion rates, Communication, Training…)

Step 4: Make sure that your challenge has been communicated with our team, and that it has been relayed to the sponsorship company too.

Step 5: Make sure that from this point you display a change in your implementing record by addressing the challenged area and bridging the gap. If you are unsure what to do, send us an email.

Step 6: Keep a close eye on your dashboard and keep it in the green!


“I’m not familiar with this terminology… Give me the break down, please.”

–  Subscription status: the level your institution has been given due to your category & implementation record. This will determine the amount your institution will need to pay per subscription.

– Dashboard: the platform from where a facilitator will manage the project.

Where can I see my subscription status level?

You will be able to see your subscription status on the financial officers’ dashboard.

Who is my sponsor? 

The primary sponsor is M3line.

Secondary sponsors: That depends… are you a CSR project?

What is the purpose of the sponsorship?

To re-invest in the future. The leaders of tomorrow will need to be able to work with a lot of information in a short amount of time and make judgement calls and come up with solutions… this means they need to be well equipped if we want to see a better future for all.

Can I call someone to assist me with my subscription status?

Our staff will gladly assist you, give us a call on +27 82 820 3745

Please note office hours are 08:00-17:00 (CAT)

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