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The start: “Reading is the foundation of education.”

The basis of learning is to interact intelligently with information. Visual intelligence is the ability to process, understand and express visual information. The foundation of visual intelligence is reading with adequate comprehension. Readgym is intensive, high-speed training, delivered in a personalised package. If you don’t have a lot of time to upgrade your READING SKILLS, this is for you.  

The next step: Readgym is an on-line, interactive set of exercises, presented as fun reading games, that you could practice on any smart device, PC, laptop or tablet. An exciting report of progress is included after every exercise and lesson. Why is this important? 

Reading is a complex, integrated action. The physical components that work together while reading is so in tegrated, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between them. To understand the reading process, you need to understand visual perception and eye movement. 

  • Reading is a means of:
  • language acquisition,
  • of communication,
  • and sharing information and ideas.

Think about it: Reading development does not end at the final year of schooling; it carries on through tertiary and even continued adult training, especially in facing the next industrial revolution. Developing reading skills is vital in developing the full potential of every person. Processing speed, phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary and fluency are the pillars of good reading. Silent fluency reading is critical to reading competency and success. When development in one of these areas lacks while reading, comprehension, and academic reading, is compromised. 

The result: Exercises within Readgym develop perceptual accuracy, visual efficiency, visual accuracy and visual memory. This enables students to bypass decoding because words and word parts are automatically recognised. The improved processing speed then allows working memory to be fully utilised for comprehension purposes. 


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