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The online solution that will develop your ability to work with information: see more, read faster, and remember better.

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Since education went digital by storm due to Covid-19, everyone is trying to support their students and bridge gaps.

You may have noticed multiple online support resources and tools. But can the impact made be measured?

Is there a way we can develop a persons skills and abilities, measure and track the improvement?

The answer is yes, and here is the reason:

  • eyebraingym is in a constant state of evolving in measuring and adapting your personal training to optimize development
  • Projected outcomes are based on over 120 000 user profiles
  • Completing a placment takes +-25 minutes
  • Avearage level of skill improvement is 6 years

EyeBrainGym TM

What does it do:

This is the complete all-in-one package that trains visual intelligence

Visual intelligence is the ability to process, understand and express visual information.

The basis of visual intelligence is reading with adequate comprehension.

Within 8 – 10 weeks (15 sessions), you will be able to see more, read faster and remember better.

The start:

EBG includes the Placeme.

Placeme helps you to find out what your current skill levels are and ensure you will start at the right place with your training. 

The next step:

EBG will give you just the right exercises and fun games to improve the skills you need and develop the strategies you should have. 

Different activities and games will stimulate visual and cognitive skills and abilities in both children and adults.

EBG will assess each result and automatically present games and activities for your individualized training sessions. 

The result:

The battery of games will strengthen your brain functions, as it increases mental acuity and vitality.

EBG can help you to develop a mind that is more capable when working with visual information.

It kick-starts neural regeneration and reconnection and promotes life-long learning and cognitive energy.

Your exercises are available on-line with your log-in and are accessible through your devices.

The gameplan helps you to stay on track and do your sessions as scheduled.

After each activity and session, you will receive an infographic report mapping out your progress.

At the end of the 15 sessions, you will have a certificate that shows the improvement you have achieved.

Our average user improvement is:

  • 6 years of relative skills improvement
  • More than double your reading speed
  • Improved cognitive ability


Any questions? Email us to get in touch.

eyebraingym cost for one subscription:

South Africa: R 2 300

Including VAT

Click here for pricing structures of schools, businesses, and educational grants

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Being visually intelligent means being able to process, understand, and express visual information.

Exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body. Using ‘brain-twisters’ and recognised learning activities that support mental agility, in your weekly routine, has been proven to boost your memory and to protect your brain against unnecessary ageing and processes of decline.

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