eyebraingym is made up of four main programmes:

Eyegym, Vocabgym, Readgym, and Trackme are some of the programmes available.

All of these elements work together to boost your visual intelligence by focusing on specific aspects of the brain.

Please keep in mind that these modules can be purchased separately to supplement an activated eyebraingym course.

  1. EyeGym focuses on improving your perceptual and visual accuracy.

As well as your visual efficiency and memory.

You may exercise your eyes and improve your visual information processing skills using EyeGym.

You’ll have access to graded brain training routines that are based on brain plasticity.

2. VocabGym is a comprehensive set of exercises designed to improve key-word recall.

The capacity to remember visual features in the exact order is crucial for spelling and reading.

As you must remember the letter sequence to correctly spell and read the word.

3. Eyebraingym focuses on Readgym too. Reading is a multi-faceted, integrative activity. 

Each of the physical components of the learners’ connection with the reading task.

To comprehend the reading process, it is vital to comprehend visual perception and eye movement. 

Reading is a tool for learning a new language, communicating, and sharing information and ideas.

4. TrackMe allows you to compare your results to recognised norms and criteria in the areas of visual abilities, language, reading, and understanding.

In EyeBrainGym TM, TrackMe is the beginning point for your ‘GPS.’ We can plot a course to where you want to go once you know where you are. Three distinct games are collaborating to put you. Each game is important in determining your current skill levels.

This is the all-in-one programme for visual intelligence training.

The ability to process, understand, and articulate visual information is referred to as visual intelligence.

Reading with proper understanding is the foundation of visual intelligence.

You will be able to see more, read faster, and recall more in 8–10 weeks (15 sessions).

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