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What is eyebraingym?

Eyebraingym uses the latest technology, to improve visual processingreading comprehension skills online.

It is a fun, individualised, game-orientated solution you can do from home.

Let’s get into detail…

Why do eyebraingym?

We all know the importance of being physically fit. It is just as important to keep our eyes and brain sharp. Eyebraingym is your personal coach that will take you through 15 training sessions designed specifically for you.

How much is it for a Course?

Eyebraingym is R2415.00 for a course that includes your evaluation, 15 online individualised training sessions, and downloadable worksheets, meta-cognition, and mind activation sheets!!!

How does it work?

You start by doing an online evaluation(PlaceMe) to determine your current skills level. Thereafter the system uses the outcomes of your evaluation to build an individualized eyebraingym course just for you!

Who can do eyebraingym?

It is available in EnglishAfrikaans and US English from Grade R – Grade 12 as well as for tertiary students and adults. Sepedi is available from gr. 1-3.

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