Burn Out Vs Burn In

by Marinda Marshal | EBG Blog Posts

As the academic year in South Africa reaches its final stretch, it’s been quite a journey. In today’s discussion, we delve into “Burnout vs. Burn In” concepts. Instead of succumbing to fatigue, consider directing the fire within to prevent burnout, igniting a fresh perspective on handling overwhelm and exhaustion.

Comprehending Comprehension

by Marinda Marshal | EBG Blog Posts

Do we understand the challenges our children are facing in school? How can you learn anything if you don’t understand? How do you learn without reading well? What do we know about reading? About comprehension? Do we just read headlines, and say, “these poor children”? or do we engage? Are we cognisant of the issue?

Halfway there, living on a prayer?

by Marinda Marshal | EBG Blog Posts

A necessary question I believe not all of us are asking ourselves, but the underlying presence is always there: where are we? Halfway there, or just living on a prayer? This question is important for all of us, whether it is regarding yourself, your spouse, or your children.

Ready, set, learn to read

by Mrs. M.B. Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

The National Reading Panel in the US indicated, after reviewing most of the research done regarding ‘Learning-to-Read,’ that there are five structural areas that we should develop to teach a child to read successfully.


by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

What is PlaceMe?

PlaceMe rating is based on internationally acknowledged norms and standards for silent reading fluency. In eyebraingym, this is where your ‘GPS’ begins. We can plot a course to where you want to go once you know where you are.

This might be your first step in developing the abilities and techniques you’ll need to succeed in the twenty-first century.

Let’s start at the beginning

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

”Skilled reading is an art and teaching a child to read is a science.”

Reading is not just recognising symbols or reading and writing basic words. In searching for a better understanding of learn-to-read and read-to-learn, we looked at Scarborough’s reading rope.

READING – How is it working so far?

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

According to the 2016 PIRLS study, 78% of South African Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language (all 11 languages were tested). That is to say that they cannot locate and retrieve explicitly stated information in a simple and easy text.

These children should now be in Grade 10…

Facing COVID learning loss head-on

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

Lectorsa is a social impact business in education working to improve outcomes for students in their chosen career choices while helping them lead more productive and responsible lives. The outcomes of our systems are measurable…

Reading enables growth

by Minda Marshall | EBG Blog Posts

Education is synonym with development, growth and transformation. It unlocks our true potential and helps us to become teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, leaders and more. And at the core of it all is reading. Being able to read well enough to…

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