We use the scientific knowledge of brain plasticity as the basis to train and improve recognition, perceptual, visual processing and cognitive skills. The neural networks in the brain grow stronger and more efficient with continual exercises. This is the reason constant training helps developing the brain structures that relate to recognition.

VocabGym is developed with a detailed sequence of exercises built to develop Key-word memory. The ability to remember visual details in the correct sequence is essential for spelling and reading, where you need to remember the sequence of letters in order to spell and read the word correctly.

Based on your scores achieved, the solution will compile personalized cognitive exercises to help you improve word processing and improve sight-word memory. Best implementation practices between 20 – 45 minutes twice weekly for 8 – 10 weeks. We train ocular-motor skills, stimulate the neurons through exercises and train cognitive processes twice a week.

These exercises are available on-line, accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and any smart device. The different interactive exercises are presented as fun brain games that you can practice on any smart device. After each exercise and lesson, we will provide you with an exciting report of progress.

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