TrackMe enables you to gauge your specific outcomes against the established norms and standards for visual skills, language, reading and comprehension. TrackMe is the starting point of your ‘GPS’ in EyeBrainGym TM. When you know where you are, we can chart a course to where you want to go. There are three different games working together to place you. Each game plays a vital role in gauging your current skill levels.

PAVE outcomes will confirm how much you can see at the expected 250 milliseconds. Measure yourself against your peers, and the goals set for your level.

LanguageLevel point out your language proficiency. This outcome will ensure you are placed in a level that is fun but still challenging so that you can focus on developing the skills you need to develop.

ReadingLevel is the final indicator for placement and will give us a reading speed with comprehension outcome.

Your outcome during the evaluation and within exercises will assist EBG to compile a specific exercise battery that will enable you to improve your visual perception as you work through fun games and activities within the program. As you improve your visual perception, you will be able to send information from the eyes to the brain quicker and more efficiently than before. You will be able to see faster, remember more and think clearer.

Based on your scores achieved, the EyeBrainGym TM will compile personalized exercises to help you improve your skills and learn new strategies. Best implementation practices between 20 – 45 minutes twice weekly for 8 – 10 weeks to stimulate the neurons and cognitive processes.

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