"the science"

Training Visual Intelligence

Being visually intelligent means being able to process, understand, and express visual information.

Exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body. Using ‘brain-twisters’ and recognised learning activities that support mental agility, in your weekly routine, has been proven to boost your memory and to protect your brain against unnecessary ageing and processes of decline.

Staying mentally active through your life is essential to keep your brain in the best possible shape and keeping those neurons firing. Visual processing encompasses activities like reading, perceptual accuracy, visual efficiency, visual accuracy, visual memory, connecting prior information, improving thought processes, and decision making.

We need to keep on challenging our brain by actioning new information through processing it in the working memory so that it can be interpreted against known information through reasoning and logic in order to understand what we see in convergent and divergent thinking processes.

Any games or strategies that improve visual processing, memory and cognitive skills are greatly beneficial in improving these crucial skills needed to excel in Industry 4.0, the next chapter in the Industrial Revolution we have to face.

Eye-Brain-Gym, our solution is a customised Eye-Brain training course with an individualised specific Game Plan to suit your personal schedule and or needs. It offers a selection of dynamic games and reading actions culminating in cognitive skills sessions to enhance the executive function in the brain and the interaction in the brain in order to move information faster to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. Our exercises will improve your comprehension and bring you to a new level of competence when dealing with visual information.

The best part of our solution is that training your brain with the Eye-Brain-Gym is fun, it is good for your brain, and will be good for you on a personal development level.  We need 10 weeks to re-shape your brain and re-wire the way you interact with visual information once and for all. For nearly three decades, our clients achieved fitness and sharpness of mind with an improved lifestyle outflow, outlasting fads.

Your training will involve an individual specific program, harnessing well tested and proven neuroscience principles in our eye-brain-gym modules.

Your weekly training sessions will be managed by our virtual coach, and our downloaded App will give you access to all the value-added functions. Your online training sessions are flexible to suit your schedule and your specific goals set out at the beginning of your course. These sessions are accessible anywhere, as long as you have a device with internet access. Your interaction with EBG and your results will be recorded throughout your training sessions with real-time feedback. Our clients can choose to integrate our training modules into their daily programs at their institutions or in the comfort of their own home. The brain activation sessions with our virtual coach and your visible progress seen in the reporting facility will motivate and inspire you to ensure you stay on track throughout your training and development program. Results are everything, and that is why we supply you with a game-plan to keep you on track to produce lasting results.

By staying with the program, our clients increase their cognitive abilities and peak their visual processing skills. The ability to internalize and interact efficiently with visual information receives much-deserved attention during the course. Our proprietary developed EBG modules have an improved lifestyle emphasis as our algorithms stimulate the activation of foundational elements in mental agility.

Games to develop a coherent mind

We have designed a battery of games to boost agility which is available on-line, accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and any smart device. Our solution evaluates your skill level and compiles a tailor-made Game Plan with various lessons, including individualized exercises, to increase your agility. These online sessions are aimed to stimulate cognitive skills/ abilities and brain plasticity in children and in adults. It assesses your skill level and automatically presents games and exercises specifically created for your individual profile.

There is a close correlation between intelligence and mental agility. The EyeBrainGym (a registered trademark of M3line) will help you improve problem-solving skills, related concepts, and improve your ability to reason and plan. The battery of games will strengthen your brain functions, increase mental acuity and vitality. It kick-starts neural regeneration and re-connection. It will promote life-long learning and cognitive energy. Exercises in the system assist the brain in finding a way to be successful and connecting background knowledge to current or new information.

The ‘brain-industry’ is booming, and there are more and more games available on a daily basis. You do not need specific skills to solve most of these games – all that is needed is concentration and learning to be patient. Most games are compiled to be fun and entertaining.

EyeBrainGym (a registered trademark of M3line) has been developed in a way that games are used in specific sequence and intervals with researched weights and time-slots in order to achieve specific outcomes regarding visual processing and cognitive skills development. The aim is to develop a coherent mind in order to achieve improved interaction with visual information through improved visual and cognitive interaction.

EBG will help you perform a complete visual processing, reading and cognitive assessment in which we measure your processing speed, and based on your results we will provide you with a targeted set of personalized visual processing and cognitive exercises to improve your visual intelligence. These exercises are available on-line, accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and any smart device. The different interactive exercises are presented as fun brain games that you can practice on any smart device. After each exercise and lesson, we will provide you with an exciting report of progress.

It is scientifically based

The system is scientifically based using personal outcomes in a real-time data-driven management system in order to achieve personal best results for each individual user. The Placement and Final Outcome indicates proven results of improvement (ROI) measured against international norms and standards.

The system is adaptable

We need to challenge our brains constantly so that we can grow and advance in our visual and cognitive processing abilities. The system incorporates Scaffolded materials in order to challenge each user at their personal level and to ensure interest levels are relevant to achieve higher levels of interest from the First year of schooling well into Corporate level. Visual and executive functions are being maximized through real-time data and required performance settings for the next practice session. There is a large variety of games available to keep the training process interesting and to address the various age levels and targeted development areas. A wide range of cognitive skills is being trained.

Support is provided

We provide on-line support and a dedicated support desk for international users. Training of facilitators for organizational implementation is advisable and can be scheduled according to personal requirements. Trained subscription managers are available to monitor progress and ensure best practice implementation results so that users can stay within proven parameters for maximized personal outcomes.