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Our clients include schools registered with the Department of Education. Ensuring all students develop the skills and strategies needed to interact effectively with their curriculum is becoming a greater challenge than ever before in human history. Students need to be able to see faster, remember better and think smarter in order to achieve improved outcomes expected in standardized evaluations. EyeBrainGym TM achieves these goals quickly and effortlessly for our clients.

The outcomes recorded in EyeBrainGym TM are achieved through developing:

Visual skills

Perceptual skills

Memory and retention

Reading skills with special reference to silent reading fluency

Cognitive development and comprehension skills and strategies

Vocabulary and language

Learning and study skills and strategies.

At the level of measuring the improvement, EyeBrainGym TM establishes a pre-assessment determining the individual’s competence in visual, language proficiency, and reading with comprehension skills compared to an international norm. After completion of a 15 lesson course, the formative assessments determine the level of improvement (against that same international norm).

EyeBrainGym TM is focused on enhancing two factors, namely visual processing factor (VPF) and cognitive development factor (CDF). Each of these two factors incorporates measurable sub-elements.  VPF is measured as words per minute (wpm) read. CDF is measured as % comprehension against the complexity of content. The combined VPF and CDF multiplied leads to an AIU factor (action-interpret-understand). These factors are benchmarked against the previously mentioned international norms.

Step 1

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Be sure to add any relevant detail about your school.

Your subsidy request will be reviewed and your education registration number will be verified.

(This is to ensure that the subsidy is given to a partner that will ensure excellent and responsible implementation.)

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Our team will contact you and you will receive an email concerning your submitted subsidy request.

Our team will discuss the school model and answer some of your questions.

After your subsidy is approved you will be able to make the payment via a link sent to your email.

Step 4

Once the payment has been made we will discuss your training and implementation.

And you are ready to get going!

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