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The concept

What is the concept?

What will be measured?

Eyebraingym's post-Covid strategy: Support your students for 2021

Offer valid until 31 March 2021

Eyebraingym’s post-Covid strategy: The ‘Support your students for 2021 strategy’
Invites principals, teachers, students, within the education space to access the
diagnostic tool to identify gaps in student learning skills caused by the lockdown.
When we can identify the gaps, they can be bridged, and learning can be
Accelerated. This will improve student outcomes during and beyond the COVID-19
Eyebraingym and M3line and Lectorsa are working together to help South African
Schools to gain access to this tool that will help them to make data-driven decisions.
Lectorsa will organize the training and liaise with the schools who are interested in this