Max Seymore

Max Seymore (born 9 May 1994) is an Educationalist, solutioneer, rapper, comedian and socialite.

Born in Africa, in the middle of the Kalahari.

Max was nicknamed the debater by a high school teacher in reference to his ability to turn any subject into a passionate debate – his favourite topics included the use of technology in school, improved education, skills that we will need in the 21st century, birth of robotics and your potential.  Max strongly believes that is you can dream it you can achieve it.

He has 17 siblings. (He is the middle child) 

Motto: If you can dream it you can achieve it. #BelieveIt

– Favourite catchphrase: “I’m on it.”

– Dark eyes and a goofy smile

– Great sense of humour

– Passionate about education

Hobbies and Interests: Playing Chess, reading, jogging, anything adventurous, listening to Music and playing electric guitar.

Favourite Colour: Blue and Grey

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Book: To kill a mocking bird, Harry Potter

Favourite Perfume: Hugo Boss

Favourite Music: Hip hop.

Favourite Band: Run DMC

Favourite Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness

Favourite Sports:  Fencing, Rock Climbing, Golf, football

Favourite pet: Dog

Favourite quote: “You were born with everything you need to be exceptional.” -T Marshall

Current Nickname: #MeerkatOnTheMove – always on the road in a mission to activate minds and unlock the true potential of the youth.

Works at Lectorsa (a leading research and development company that supply educational solutions to the entire market segment internationally) as a Solutions Adviser.

He is fluent in English and Afrikaans… But keen to learn new languages!

He has a Facebook page (Max Seymore, Instagram (Max Seymore) and twitter.

And his most favourite thing to do is to make new friends!