Kannemeyer Primary School

  1.  The total amount of learners registered: 84
  2.  Assignment completed (placement and lesson1): 84
  3.  A total of 17 learners completed all 20 lessons.

Mr Samodien and Mrs Beukes made a great team, placement test and lesson one was completed well in advance.

“We are very excited and the kids enjoyed it. We were struggling to fit everything in, in the last few weeks so many things happening in the term. In the process there were some computers that did not work, all 20 computers are working now. Bad news, we tried to get some funding for the Gr 6’s to complete LAB-on-line, unfortunately, there are so many needs, they are not able to support us at the moment. I am extremely grateful for the chance for the Gr 3’s. Learners picked up and some of them were quite sharp. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity. “ – Ridwan Samodien, the Principal of Kannemeyer Primary School.

Kannemeyer Results

As mentioned above Kannemeyer Primary Placement results are included in the average outcomes for Western Cape Primary Schools, the final results include only the 17 students that were able to complete 20 lessons before the due date.

This group did not follow the proposed Game plan of two lessons per week, due to time constraints, but completed up to four lessons in one day. They were able to improve from 62 wpm to 114 wpm on VPF and achieved 65% on CDF in their final results, which is almost Grade 2 Level.

The loss in CDF (Cognitive Development) is consistent with neuro-modulation development.

  1. Development in one area will effect a loss in another area of skills.
  2. As students completed up to 4 lessons in one day they would have been tired after completing one lesson –  causing a loss of focus and lower outcomes than expected if the Game Plan of one lesson every second day, was followed with implementation.

These outcomes do prove that with a little effort and accurate intervention we can improve Visual Processing, Reading and Cognitive Skills and strategies for our students.

Improvement on Visual Skills level is also encouraging. Students achieved final results on a higher Level than Placement evaluation. Congratulations are in order to these 17 students and their facilitators.

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