How does it work?

Check out the step by step guide below:

Reading is the key to unlimited knowledge. Our private users have access to the EyeBrainGym TM system to develop their personal skills and strategies in order to achieve higher outcomes in visual intelligence.  EyeBrainGym TM was developed to improve visual and perceptual skills, to upgrade strategies and skills in processing visual information and, to make reading fun.

EyeBrainGym TM will evaluate your current level of processing with the PlaceMe module and assist you step-by-step to improve the various areas needed to accurately and effectively work with visual information. Each of the fifteen lessons includes fun exercises as well as challenging exercises. You will enjoy achieving great outcomes, and also to be challenged by pushing your skills to the next level.

You hold the opportunity to change your future, or your child’s future in your hands – we look forward to assisting you in developing these important skills with great care and love.

Step 1

Go to the “Signup” area

Select the “Private”

Complete the signup process.

Step 2

“PlaceMe” and “TryME”

Do the placement evaluation. (You can also try the 1st lesson free, no need to pay for the experience!)

Step 3

The Purchase

Go through your report, make sure that you consider starting with the suggested solution.

(If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.)


Step 4

Once the payment has been made you can finalize the profile set ups (EX. Chose an avatar!)

And you are ready to get going with your training!

Step 5

Click on the blue button to get going!