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Over the past two decades, it has become evident that students entering higher education are ill-prepared for the academic challenges awaiting then. Although these students’ Grade 12 results provide evidence that they should be adequately prepared for the demands of higher education, in truth university lecturers bear witness to the opposite. Students entering university are indeed under-prepared for the multitude of requirements, and many are unsuccessful in their first year of study. Those who do not discontinue their studies consequently fail their first year.

We mostly presume that students who have entered university, are proficient readers and have mastered the building blocks of reading. After all, academic reading is the primary means of academic learning, and we mostly understand that inadequate reading skills will impair the learning process and students should at least have mastered the basic reading skills needed to learn. This is, however, is not the case for all students. Students’ unpreparedness is even more evident within the context of academic reading where they struggle to work their way through the voluminous amounts of text that they need to navigate when preparing for classes, doing research for assignments and reading for studying purposes. Furthermore, students need to be proficient in reading when entering higher education, as this is an essential indicator of academic success. 

Eyebraingym was developed to focus on enhancing two factors, namely visual processing factor (VPF) as well as the cognitive development factor (CDF). Both factors integrate measurable sub-elements. We measure VPF in words per minute (wpm). We measure CDF as a factor of the % comprehension against the complexity of the content (Grade level) of the texts within each of the 15 training session of the online program. The combined VPF and CDF multiplied leads to what we refer to as an AIU factor. This factor is a combination of an action-interpret-understand process. It is important to note that there are international norms for these measurable factors.

Eyebraingym empowers students to spend their time in engaged reading, “a state of total absorption and completely focused motivation rather than on the mechanics (decoding) of reading.”

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