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In the last decade, there has been an explosion in the amount of information and data. Employees at all levels of business and in the public sector have to action, interpret and understand more information than ever before. People are expected to deal with larger and more complex information sets, and to absorb it quickly, analyse it more effectively, comprehend the issues and act on the information and data to ensure high-impact outcomes. These trends are evident at all levels of business and public sector operations. From this perspective, there is a growing gap between information and application (executing and delivering better and smarter outcomes based on available information and data). The scenario can be referred to as the “information- application gap.

Companies are made up of people. They are the most valuable assets of the organisation, and vast sums are spent on people development. This is often done at a technical and functional skill level to the detriment of equally important generic skills like information processing and cognitive development skills. An improvement in cognitive development abilities at individual and team level will permeate throughout the organisation leading to smarter teams delivering smarter solutions.

Aside from the work-related aspect, individuals that are registered for training courses, qualification programmes and various other study and workshop interventions have to translate the learning from these interventions into improved work performance. In addition to this, employees are under pressure to ensure that they succeed in completing assessments. Lectorsa solutions facilitate knowledge and skill attainment online in a personalized course setting. We have extensive data related to visual processing, reading, comprehension and study skills enhancement and an increase in assessment outcomes.

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Step 4

We will discuss your training and implementation plan the moment your payment has been processed.

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