Focussed attention

This is the brain’s ability to concentrate its attention on a specific stimulus for any period of time. This helps us to quickly identify relevant information and is an important skill that helps us to carefully and efficiently carry out various tasks in our daily lives.

Focussed attention relies on a number of personal capacities, including physical, like visual skills modalities, emotional, perceptual, cognitive, affection, and a combined effect of two or more of the different capacities. Turning your mental focus to the specific area depends on your focussed attention, which is why assessing and developing focussed attention is important in a variety of different areas of daily life, for instance, academic, occupational and professional areas.

Brain training exercises for focussed attention use brain plasticity as a basis. With EBG, we’ve developed a battery of individualised exercises designed to train focussed attention and other cognitive functions. The neural networks in the brain grow stronger and more efficient by challenging them and through continual exercises. So by frequently training these skills, the brains structures related to focused attention will become stronger. The key to focussed attention is consistent training. This will help individuals to develop the brain structures that relate to focussed attention.

Based on your scores achieved, the solution will compile a personalised battery of cognitive exercises to help you improve processing and focussed attention. Best implementation practises between 20 – 45 minutes twice weekly for 8 – 10 weeks to stimulate the neurons and cognitive processes.

The program is made up of fun and interactive brain games and ocular, perceptual exercises and at the end of each training session, the user automatically receives a detailed report on the progress made in the various areas.

Eye-Brain-Gym exercises where focussed attention is developed

Various of the perceptual, visual efficiency, visual accuracy and visual memory exercises are focussed on developing focussed attention. You will enjoy the fun exercises that challenge you at various levels to see faster, remember more and think better. Individualized algorithms ensure the intervals and speed of each exercise is targeted to ensure specific modulations to assist individual users in achieving development of focussed attention.

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