EyeGym is focussed on training your perceptual and visual accuracy, visual efficiency and visual memory. With EyeGym, you will be able to exercise your eyes and improve the way you work with visual information. You will have access to leveled brain training exercises that use brain plasticity as a basis.

With EyeGym, we’ve developed a battery of exercises designed to train visual skills, including accuracy, efficiency and memory and other cognitive functions. The neural networks in the brain grow stronger and more efficient with continual exercises. This is the reason constant training helps developing the brain structures that relate to visual skills and improved memory. EyeGym uses different sequenced exercises to develop visual memory, accuracy, efficiency and perceptual skills – in tandem with other important visual processing skills.

These exercises are available on-line, accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and any smart device. The different interactive exercises are presented as fun brain games that you can practice on any smart device. After each exercise and lesson, we will provide you with an exciting report of progress.

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