With EyeBrainGym TM, we have designed a battery of games to boost agility.  Our solution evaluates your skill level and compiles a tailor-made Game Plan with various lessons, including individualized exercises, to help the neural networks in the brain grow stronger and more efficient. These online sessions are aimed to develop visual skills, language, reading with comprehension and to stimulate cognitive skills/ abilities and brain plasticity in children and in adults. EyeBrainGym TM assesses your skill level and automatically presents games and exercises specifically created for your individual profile.

EyeBrainGym TM  will help you improve problem-solving skills, related concepts, and improve your ability to reason and plan. The battery of games will strengthen your executive functions, increase mental acuity and vitality. It kick-starts neural regeneration and re-connection. It will promote life-long learning and cognitive energy. Exercises in the system assist the brain in finding a way to be successful in connecting background knowledge to current or new information.

EyeBrainGym TM games are used in specific sequence and intervals with researched weights and time-slots in order to achieve targeted outcomes regarding visual processing, language, reading with comprehension and cognitive skills development. The aim is to develop a coherent mind in order to achieve improved interaction with visual information through enhanced visual and cognitive abilities.

EBG TM will help you perform a complete visual processing, reading, and cognitive assessment, and based on your results we will provide you with a targeted set of personalized exercises to improve your visual intelligence. These exercises are available on-line, accessible on PC, laptop, tablet and any smart device. The different interactive exercises are presented as fun brain games that you can practice on any smart device. Check out your exciting progress report after each session.

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