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Lectorsa created this opportunity to enable entrepreneurs the opportunity with a great product to service and impact their communities. In our day and age it is important to position yourself accurately in the market, and to deliver exceptional service. This exciting job opportunity is a way to open up your personal time, make a meaningful impact in peoples futures and make a profit while you are at it. 

The Business for-profit model allows business owners to become EyeBrainGym TM coaches and facilitators in order to assist their clients (learners, students) in improving the critical skills needed to develop the future human resources of their nation. Feel free to look at some testimonials on our youtube channel or visit our facebook page.

Business owners are trained and guided in using a more personal approach with the EyeBrainGym TM system. The focus is personal training to develop their clients’ visual processing skills whilst improving reading and cognitive outcomes. We all know that a good coach is often what individuals need in order to reach their full potential. We need someone to believe in us, to guide us, to help us find the best way forward for our personal development.

Contact our office for more information on how YOU can become the owner of a Solution Hub implementing EyeBrainGym for visual intelligence training.

Step 1

Go to the “Signup” area

Select the “Business model”

Complete the signup process.

Step 2

Attach your CV

Your business plan

(This is to ensure that you did your market research, and to enable our solutions advisors to assist you in finding those blind spots.)

Step 3

Our team will contact you and set up a meeting.

We will discuss the business model and answer some of your questions.

After you are satisfied your request will be approved and you will be able to make the payment.

Step 4

Once the payment has been made we will discuss your training.

And you are ready to get going!

Step 5

Click on this button to start the process: