Minda Marshall

Minda Marshall

Minda Marshall is an educationalist and researcher in visual processing and cognitive skills development and has generated cutting-edge reading and cognitive development and support solutions for schools, universities and various other organizations for more than 17 years.

The Best Class Competition

The Why:

The importance of developing visual intelligence cannot be overemphasized.
We are living in a time-frame where visual intelligence, visual processing,
reading with comprehension and using cognitive skills and strategies to
develop new knowledge is becoming a crucial part of everyday life.
To successfully navigate Industry 4.0, we have to be able to function effectively in diverse situations using new information quickly and efficiently. 

Combined with the low achievement of basic skills outcomes, the current
status quo puts great pressure on our teachers and the teaching and training
industry as a whole.
Lectorsa, with their main sponsor for schools in South Africa M3line, has achieved great results over the last ten years. They have seen from 6 to 10
years of skills development for users of their online development systems.
In order to motivate schools to improve their completion rates and see increased development of visual processing, reading and comprehension outcomes, the Platinum Awards were launched in 2015. 

The Prize:

With the 2020 Platinum Awards, all classes participating in a Lectorsa project
stands a chance to win!
The class that achieves the best overall improvement wins a set of VR-glasses (one for each student!) 
The teacher of the best class will receive a night at Maslow for two! 

The Platinum Awards is an incentive to get as many students in your class as possible on-board with developing these crucial skills. Please encourage
them to participate by completing their training.


All courses started need to be completed in order for the entry to be deemed “Valid” 

Competition entries close on the 1st of October.

Teachers participating in this competition need to communicate completion of the classes’ training via email (office@lectorsa.com)

A minimum of 10  students is required in order to qualify as a class with regard to this competition.

The teacher of the winning team will be expected to be present to receive the award on the evening of the “Platinum Awards Event” 13th of November @ the Maslow Hotel
Good luck!

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