Minda Marshall

Minda Marshall

Minda Marshall is an educationalist and researcher in visual processing and cognitive skills development and has generated cutting-edge reading and cognitive development and support solutions for schools, universities and various other organizations for more than 17 years.

High expectations for reading: a pie in the sky?

On 16 January of this year, President Ramaphosa addressed the Basic Education Sector Lekgotla. He re-iterated the government focus on improving reading and literacy skills and indicated that reading for meaning has now been declared a top priority.

President Ramaphosa also specified that our plan is to ensure that we teach all our learners to read well. As a society, we need to socialize all our learners and young people into becoming life-long readers. We must support them in their reading for academic purposes, for knowledge, and for enjoyment.”[i]  He indicated his personal focus in improving these crucial skills: “As a citizen myself, I will soon launch a virtual book club in an effort to turbocharge reading across the country.”

As an avid ‘reader, educator, researcher and facilitator of all things reading’ I want to commend the president for this important focus. Reading clubs is a good start. Sadly, this is not enough. The latest research in reading clearly indicates that in order to read well, a reader must acquire very specific skills and strategies in order to navigate the process of interaction with visual information successfully. We need more than just catching up with skills not acquired. We need a ‘visually intelligent’ workforce for the future. Being visually intelligent means being able to process, understand, and express visual information — people who will be able to excel in the economic and work environment of Industry 4.0.

The biggest challenge of catching up is that we don’t have time. We need time to train teachers, time to develop and print expensive curriculums, but we don’t have time to wait.  The reality on the ground is that most teachers don’t know how to teach children to read and how to assist students in keeping on developing these skills. Mostly they are challenged with big volumes of work and not enough time to work through the prescribed curriculum. How will we get this done? How will we be able to train our students individually to achieve the expected levels needed for success? How much time will we allow ourselves as a nation to ensure the vision President Ramaphosa held before the 2020 Basic Education Lekgotla becomes a reality for our learners and students?

At Lectorsa, we’ve been working to formulate an answer that will address this challenge in our nation. We are excited to announce that we have achieved a solution. We’ve seen up to 6 years of development in visual skills, reading and comprehension development with our on-line systems.  Our students (from Grade 1 – tertiary) were able to increase their visual intelligence to levels beyond international norms and standards.

EyeBrainGym, the latest system launching now,  incorporates the latest in research for improved reading and comprehension development. The PlaceMe module is FREE, and users can quickly evaluate their visual skills, language proficiency, and reading with comprehension on-line. Eye-Brain-Gym, our solution is a customized Eye-Brain training course with an individualized specific Game Plan to suit each individual’s personal schedule and or needs. It offers a selection of dynamic games and reading actions also developing cognitive skills to ensure executive functions are developed. Our exercises will improve your comprehension and bring you to a new level of competence when dealing with visual information as it helps you to move information faster to where it needs to go in the brain.

Join us in giving momentum to the #ReadingRevolution our nation so desperately needs. Sign-up as an individual, a school, for a CSR project to sponsor a student, sponsor a school or just become an advocate to empower our teachers, students and labor force with the resources they need to develop these crucial skills for life-long learning.

Contact office@lectorsa.com to find out more about the #YesICan Literacy Campaign with Lectorsa and EyeBrainGym.

Minda is the co-director and co-owner of Lectorsa, leading research, and development company (based in Mokopane, Limpopo) that supplies solutions internationally to the education and training market.

Minda specializes in generating timeous solutions while addressing future challenges and demands in the marketplace. Under her guidance, specialist teams deliver first-to-market solutions grounded in scientific research with precision-developed algorithms, embedded in the newest technology available.

Her journey in establishing Lectorsa began with a quest to understand and enhance the measurable aspects of the interaction between the eyes and the brain. Minda’s extensive research in this field led to the development of a world-class, cutting-edge, CLOUD-system, accessible on desktop and smart devices. The solution considers the factors involved in visual intelligence reading and packages this together with individually focused algorithms to ensure the best improvement on all levels for each user.

Under her dynamic  leadership, the Lectorsa team launched LAB-on-line in 2011 and is launching EyeBrainGym in 2020. Up to date, Lectorsa systems has assisted more than 100 000 users to maximise and improve their skills and to thrive in an ever-changing world.



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